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Job Description
Marketing Director role coming to an area near you!
When it comes to influential power in the tech industry, who do you think rules the roost? If you haven’t yet heard about us, we are a startup from Silicon Valley who are pushing technological frontiers bringing the first innovative solution of it’s kind to an industry seeking transformation.
Our team has developed relationships with other forward-thinking entrepreneurs, investors and global, reputable brands that are embracing our intuitive software, shifting focus on the digital to better their business.
As our company’s integrated marketing director, you’ll embrace a hybrid role that’s part metric wrangler, part creative marketer and part marketing ruler and growth hacker.

We are an innovative US based tech and software communications company, and funded Silicon Valley startup. We have developed a product called SurveyBot that assists moving companies in making move estimates, the digital way, using 2 way video interaction and intuitive image recognition technology.

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